Learn to speak a language with confidence in just two days...

Regardless of your current level - whether you speak absolutely none or just some of the language you want to learn - our aim is to have you conversing in it by the end of your two days with us!

All of our language courses are held in comfortable Central London locations and we provide a variety of languages and course types to choose from. We offer two-day French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese courses, for those who are looking to learn a language inexpensively and as part of a small group. And, for those with a larger budget, we are also able to offer individually tailored 1-to-1 and business courses.

Unlike conventional language courses, there are no textbooks, there is no rote-memorisation and no lecturing is involved.

Most people who have ever tried to learn a language come out of the process convinced that they are actually incapable of learning one - in spite of the fact that they somehow managed to learn to speak their own language – and this when they were only toddlers!

When students come to learn a language with us, no one fails – that is an absolute promise! If you can speak English then we can teach you to speak another language and to speak it well.

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