PNLI Languages for Business

French, German, Spanish, Italian or Chinese - yours for the taking after just two days...

At the Paul Noble Language Institute, our clients learn to really speak their chosen language, to communicate in it and to formulate their own ideas and thoughts using it.

The language we teach is adaptable, so it can be used just as easily for working as for travelling or socialising – it will be just as easy to use it to order a coffee as to hold a conversation with the waiter who brings it, just as easy to compliment the coffee’s taste as to discuss its rising importation costs. And all this regardless of how little, or how much, you know when you begin!

In addition to this, all business courses are moulded to fit the language needs of the client. Learners can be prepared for various situations, roles and tasks and are taught the specialist vocabulary and terms needed for their respective industries. Classes can be made up by as few as one or as many as ten learners, depending on the requirements of the client. Furthermore, client learners will not be required to travel to classes, as they are (unless otherwise requested) provided in-company, on client premises, at a time and date convenient to each client.

By the end of the two-day course, participants on the business course will have learnt to speak their language of choice the same way the locals speak it - with confidence and with realistic, colloquial speech.

They will:

  • be able to pronounce the language correctly.
  • be able to construct their own sentences to say what they want to say, when they want to say it, rather than simply to parrot a few memorised phrases.
  • be able to use the present, past, future and conditional tenses.
  • be equipped to deal with any relevant work related issues.
  • have vocabularies of more than three thousand words, including requested specialist terms.

In addition to this, we provide every learner completing the course with:

  • a year long, multimedia based follow-on-course, to help learners further develop their now already substantial language skills.
  • plus a year’s on-line support and tuition to accompany the follow-on course.
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