Our Weekend German Course in London

A unique method and small class sizes make our Weekend Courses an extremely enjoyable and effective way to learn German...

Regardless of your current level - whether you speak absolutely none or just some - our aim is to have you conversing in German by the end of your two days with us!

As you will see from the testimonials we have received, at the Paul Noble Language Institute we really teach you how to speak German. With us, you will learn how to communicate in German and how to formulate your own ideas and thoughts using German.

When we teach, we don't use complicated grammatical explanations that simply confuse people and we don't ask people to memorise long lists of vocabulary - because experience has shown us that this simply does not work. Instead, through 1-to-1 interaction, we show our students how to build up the language, step by step, so that they are actually speaking independently in German by the end of their two days with us! And this regardless of how little, or how much, they know when they begin!

You will also find that the language we teach is designed to be adaptable, so that you will be able to use it just as easily for travelling in Germany as for working there – it will be just as easy to use it to order a coffee as to hold a conversation with the waiter who brings it to you. And this regardless of how little, or how much, you know when you begin!

By the end of your two-day course, you will have learnt to speak German the way the Germans really speak it.

In short, you will:

  • be able to pronounce German correctly.
  • be able to speak real, adult German, as it is spoken in Germany and Austria.
  • be able to construct your own sentences to say what you want to say, when you want to say it, rather than simply to parrot a few memorised phrases.
  • be able to use the present, past and future tenses.
  • have a substantial and extremely useful vocabulary.
  • be taught for two full days by either one of our highly qualified native speaker instructors or by the Institute's founder, Paul.

"These courses are simply fantastic!"

BBC Radio London

"Paul Noble has developed a system that allows students to learn foreign languages in a revolutionary way."

MENSA Magazine


The Daily Telegraph

"Noble’s teaching, it turns out, is entirely the opposite of the brain straining I had envisaged."

The Guardian

"Minimal effort but guaranteed results."

City Life Magazine

Course Level

Our Weekend German Courses are suitable for a variety of learners, ranging from those with little or no knowledge of German through to those who have studied German before at GCSE or 'O' Level. Students are then streamed into groups appropriate to their starting levels.

Time, Location and Price

Our Weekend German Courses are held in Central London, throughout the year. The courses are run over two consecutive days, 10.15am – 5.15pm on both days. Details relating to course start dates, pricing, availability and venue can be found here.

In addition to this, we provide every student with three months on-line follow-up support, free of charge, to help you further develop your already substantial language skills, should you desire to do so.

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